Team building activities for better cooperation

Not all groups naturally blend together. If your team is just meeting for the first time or if your established team is looking to get back on track, it may be time for some team building activities. Team building has never been easier in Niagara with Parkway’s state-of-the-art bowling alley and epic laser tag. Bowling is the perfect team-building activity for groups of any kind whether you work together in the office, play together on a sports team or work together as classmates at school. Meanwhile, laser tag is an awesome way to blow of steam and practice key elements of team cooperation. Here’s what your team has to gain from a night of bowling and laser tag:

Bowling for Team Building

Encourage sportsmanship

Use bowling to bring out the best in your team. Playing on bowling teams will inspire a little healthy competition which will encourage your teammates to remain sportsman-like throughout the game. Bowling is a low-pressure way to encourage everyone to support one another and acts as an easy-going way to practice winning or losing with grace. Plus, when both teams are having fun, everyone’s a winner.

Showing support

On the other side of the competition is working together on a team. While bowling seems like a one-person sport, support from your teammates can go a long way to your performance and team bond. Cheering on your bowling team (and being cheered for) can help to build a sense of community. Likewise, cheering for your teammate even when they don’t do well will remind them that it’s okay to rely on their teammates every once and a while. Practising support in a low-stakes environment will reinforce cooperation when your team heads back to the boardroom, playing field or classroom.

Laser Tag for Team Building

Facilitate communication

Laser tag offers a fast-paced environment where communication and cooperation is key to success. When playing in laser tag teams, players must work together to strategize and communicate everyone’s role in the game. Likewise, teams will want to be able to communicate and switch gears if they need a new plan to beat their opponent. Just like in the workplace or in a sports game, a lack of communication could lead to mixed priorities and poorly executed strategies.

Practising collaboration 

On any team, all members have an important role to play to contribute to the team’s success. You likely hashed out your strategy and assigned responsibilities before diving in. For team-building laser tag, this is no different. When your group comes together to defeat a laser tag opponent, everyone has an important part to play. Laser tag can help remind your team of the value of working together towards a common goal and the importance of following through on the part they’ve committed to in order for the team to succeed.

When your team doesn’t work, nothing else can either. Get your team back on track with Niagara’s best location for team building activities. Book your lane online to see your team’s true potential with the right practice.