Summer drink recipes you have to try in 2019

Now that summer is here, there is nothing quite like the perfect drink to end a beautiful sunny day. We have selected a few of our favourite summer cocktails for you to savour all season long. Check out these summer drink recipes that you can try at home or at Parkway Social.


Margaritas are a summer classic, but our spin on this classic cocktail involves a spicy kick from chilli-infused simple syrup. This delicious drink celebrates the season by taking a classic cocktail to a whole new level.


  • Salt rim
  • Ice
  • 1½ ounces tequila
  • 1½ ounces lime juice
  • 1 ounce chilli-infused simple syrup
  • A few dashes Cointreau
  • Serrano chile (garnish)


  1. Rub the rim of an old-fashioned cocktail glass (or other glass of your choice) with the lime wedge.
  2. Put the salt in a small dish and dip the rim of the glass in the salt to lightly coat. Add ice cubes to the glass.
  3. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the tequila, lime juice, chilli-infused simple syrup, Cointreau. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds, then strain into the prepared glass and serve.


We cannot think of a time when a pickled Caeser is not a good choice. In the morning? It pairs perfectly with Sunday brunch. In the evening? Of course, it’s a classic! The savoury clamato juice paired with a dash of hot sauce is the perfect combination that simply cannot be beat. Try out this summer drink recipe for a delicious Caeser whenever the mood strikes:


  • Fresh lime juice
  • Celery salt
  • 1½ oz vodka
  • A dash of hot sauce
  • 1 oz pickle juice
  • 5 oz tomato-clam juice
  • A skewer of dill pickle slices  
  • A lime wedge


  1. Rim a large glass with lime juice and celery salt.
  2. Fill glass with ice and add vodka, hot sauce, pickle juice and tomato-clam juice.
  3. Garnish with a skewer of dill pickle slices and a lime wedge.


While the aviation cocktail is typically the lesser known of the three, this cocktail combines unique ingredients to offer a flavour you haven’t tried anywhere else. Not only does this summer cocktail have a one-of-a-kind taste, but it also becomes an insta-worthy shade of purple that’s perfect for your next night out or cocktail party. Try this aviation cocktail recipe to get the party started:


  • Ice
  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1⁄2 oz Maraschino liqueur
  • 1⁄4 oz Crème de violette
  • 3⁄4 oz Fresh lemon juice


  1. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake.
  2. Strain into a cocktail glass.
  3. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

If you like the sound of these summer sips, let our talented bartenders whip up the perfect summer cocktail.