How to plan a stress-free kids’ birthday party

Is there even such a thing as a stress-free kids’ birthday party? Between the cost of supplies and finding the perfect venue, party planning can eat up a large chunk of time out of your busy life. Luckily, there are some easy and affordable ways to get the party started without the hassle.

Tip 1: Take advantage of package deals

When considering venues and activities for your child’s birthday party, consider locations that offer birthday party package deals with all the fixings. Each element added to a birthday package checks one extra task off of your party planning to-do list. Not only will a party package save you valuable time, but it’s also often more affordable than arranging the venue, entertainment, and food separately.

Tip 2: Pick a fun activity that keeps children active

Your kid’s birthday party should be fun and exciting as you celebrate the big milestones in your child’s life. However, when you combine a room full of children with a birthday cake, the party can quickly become stressful for parents. Carefully selecting the right activity to help your party guests burn off sugar-fueled energy is key to your party’s success. Even better, look for a venue that offers a variety of activities to help kids burn energy and keep them entertained.  May we recommend bowling, laser tag AND arcade games right here at Parkway Social?

Tip 3: Outsource planning

It goes without saying that parenthood is busy, but it gets even busier when summer hits. You may think that outsourcing party planning duties is financially out of reach, but many birthday party packages will include some level of party planning assistance. At Parkway Social, simply select the party package that is right for your event and let us take care of the rest. Every party package includes one of our exceptional party hosts to look after your group throughout the event and is always making sure that you have everything you need.


Enjoy your child’s birthday just as much as they will with an easy birthday party package at Parkway Social.