Parkway Social’s New Bar Opens

Are you looking for a night out packed with great food, good fun, and even more awesome drinks? We’ve got news for you! Our brand new, long-awaited bar is finally open! We’ve focused on creating the ultimate experience for guests, that means a long list of curated beer, cocktails, wine and spirits.  

Greatness on Tap

With 22 different on tap options, this is the place to be in St. Catharines for a night out. We’ve got craft brews, cult classics, and the longtime favourites that are bound to impress. When putting together our collection of brews, we wanted to ensure that we had something everyone would enjoy. This means that we threw in a few special treats like the Brick Works Rose Cider (for those non-beer drinkers), our hand designed Gibson’s Bold Par Manhattan (cocktails on tap, what?!) and Lost Crafts Milkshake IPA because beer doesn’t always have to be serious.

Bottles on Bottles

Who would think a reformed bowling alley would have 44 options for bottles behind the bar? If you hadn’t already noticed, we aren’t just any old bowling alley, we’re a cool bowling alley. From good old fashioned Bud and Corona, to hip Lost Craft and Von Bugle, we’ve got a beer for everyone.

Good news, if you’re not a beer drinker, we’ve got you covered as well! Our extensive bottle selection isn’t limited to just beer. We have bottles of your favourites ciders (hello Pommies!) and cocktails like Palm Bay.

Beyond Just the Classic Cocktails

Calling all cocktail lovers! Our expertly designed and mixed cocktails are the best in town. We put our heart and soul into concocting the most delicious drinks this side of the Skyway. The Painkiller which is made with rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and bitters is like a taste of summer all year round. Our Pickled Caesar is a funky twist on the classic with a dash of spiced rum, dill salt, and pickle brine. And for the lovers of all things classic, our hand made Stirred & Sturdy menu is for you.

Book a lane and come down to Parkway Social for an out of the box night on the town, with great drinks!