Office party ideas that promote physical wellness

We are all too familiar with the stiffness of standing up for the first time in a while after a long day in the office. When your employees spend 40 hours a week sitting down, make sure you keep their wellness in mind when planning your next office party. Niagara is full of awesome office party venues perfect for getting your staff up and moving to improve physical health and wellness. Here are a few of our favourite physical activities you can implement into your next office party right here in Niagara.

Bowling is perfect for any office member

Bowling is the perfect office party activity that everyone will enjoy. It encourages healthy competition between workers, gets staff members up and moving and is accessible for players of any skill level. With Parkways state-of-the-art lanes, players can bring their lane’s bumpers up and down with the click of a button. This way, if only one bowler wants to play with bumpers, they can play on the same lane as the rest of their colleagues. 

Office parties can be a breeze when you book your group at one of Parkway’s VIP bowling where your party can bowl on a secluded lane and enjoy a fireplace, couches, privacy curtains, and catered service for the whole group.

Laser tag to raise the energy levels

Do more than get your staff out of their chair, get their blood pumping with an exciting game of laser tag. Great for any age, laser tag is the perfect office party activity to get your employees moving while having fun too. Participants can play at their own speed and enjoy friendly competition as they play on teams or test out their skills in Parkway’s free-for-all mode. Studies show that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can increase your lifespan by 3 years. So why not make that 15 minutes as fun as it can be. Afterwards, players can head over to the Parkway bar for an ice-cold drink as they cool down and reminisce about their colleagues’ awesome moves.

Book your next Office Party at Parkway Social

Whoever said you can’t take the office party out of the office? Not only will your staff appreciate the opportunity to get away from their desks, but they’ll also love the fun activities in store for them at Parkway. Booking your next office outing has never been easier. Reserve your office party online today!