Why Laser Tag is Beneficial for Kids

You might think we are joking with that title, but we’re not. There are a ton of benefits to introducing your kids to laser tag. First, it teaches them some integral life skills and they won’t even know it’s happening – kind of like hiding vegetables in the brownies. Good stuff, right?

If you’re curious to know why we think Laser Tag is such a great activity for all ages, but especially for kids, beyond the fact that it is SO fun, you’ll want to read on and then book a time!

Develop Teamwork Skills

You can choose between 10 different modes of play depending on the number of players or preferred modes of play. A key component to success in these games is working as part of a team. Players need to be able to recognize their team members and work together towards a common goal, winning (or trying your best).

Encourages Socialization

It can be nerve wracking for some kids to play on a team where they may not know everyone. Playing in these situations is actually hugely beneficial because being a part of a team means communication is central to success. It’s hard to be nervous when you’re busy focusing on locating members of the opposite team and working with members of your team to launch a successful attack. Nerves be gone!

Promotes Physical Activity

Let’s get moving! When the weather isn’t cooperating or it’s a little too wet, cold, or sunny to spend much time outdoors, Laser Tag is a winner. Because our course is indoors, weather won’t disrupt your game. Get and stay moving as you navigate the course, trying to avoid being tagged by opponents. This fast paced activity certainly gets the heart racing and blood pumping.

Communication Skills

Varying levels of play means that communication is key! Sharing your tips and tricks with your team members is a vital way of making sure you end up on the top of the leaderboard. With multiple styles of play, everyone who enters the course is at a different skill level which means communication is central to success.

If you are looking for something to get your kids moving, learning, and excited, come to Parkway Social for Laser Tag. Hint: Adults love it too!