How to Throw a Good Strike

There are only a few situations in everyday life when striking out can work in your favour, and lucky for us bowling is one of them.

Have you ever rolled a strike and felt that wave of happiness rush over you? So much so that you may have even… done a strike dance? Don’t you wish you could have that feeling every time you bowl?

Well, we aren’t wizards, but we do consider ourselves bowling experts, so we can certainly help you get better at bowling. It all starts with that perfect strike technique.

Let us explain.  


Get your practice in.

Let’s get real – you’re not going to become an expert overnight. Even Chuck Norris couldn’t pick up a bowling ball and throw perfectly the first time. So keep practicing and developing a technique that makes you comfortable. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself that you are never going to reach.


We know we sound like your mom when she tried to get you to stick with piano lessons even though you hated it, but practice really does make perfect, so get at it.


Look For The Pocket

The “pocket” is the space between the top centre pin and the one beside it on either side. Your pocket will be on the side that you bowl. So, right handed bowlers would aim for the right side, and left handed bowlers would aim for the left.

If you aim for and hit the pocket, your chances of striking are much higher. That’s your sweet spot that will give you a chance to hit all of the pins at once. This is why a lot of the pros but that sweet curve on their throw because they are aiming for this specific spot.


Go Lighter

We get that you want to look awesome and tough by bowling with the heavy ball. But a lighter ball will help you get those strikes, so you have something else to show off with. Lighter balls knock pins down, while heavy balls send them flying in the air. When you’re looking for a strike,

Let’s face it – would you rather look cool throwing a heavy ball but getting nowhere, or be the life of the party getting all of the strikes with a lighter ball? We leave that choice up to you, but we feel that it’s a no-brainer.


Use the Arrows

Those little arrows on the lane are there to help you. Keep your eye on them, not the pins. While most people would believe that aiming for the centre arrow is the key to getting the head-on strike, it’s actually not the first choice. The ideal arrow to aim for is generally the second one from the centre, on whichever side your bowling arm is. This helps you get right to that pocket.


Find Your Approach

You don’t need to follow the Fred Flintstone twinkle toes technique, but if that’s what works for you, go for it! Most professional bowlers use the Four Step Approach, but we don’t judge people for doing their own thing. The important part is finding your comfort zone and getting a routine down. The rest will follow.


Book Your Lane Online Like a Pro

Let’s sum this all up: use your most comfortable approach to throw a lighter ball toward the pocket by aiming with the second arrow from the centre. Got it? Okay, so here’s your next step: try it out!

Guess what? With our online booking system, you can book your lane online to guarantee your space, and to get all of those secret practices in before the next big outing with your squad. Don’t forget that you can get unlimited bowling for just $10 per person after 10 PM on Friday nights, so make the most of your weekend right here at Parkway.