Holiday parties your staff will love

Seems crazy to be thinking about planning your company holiday party already but it’s actually not! Niagara is a party destination and that means that spaces at your favourite halls, restaurants, or wineries fill up fast (and in advance). 

If you’re here because you are considering Parkway Social, know that we have everything you need for a holiday party your staff will love. We’re even including tips and tricks to make the planning process super simple. 

Choose a day of the week that suits the majority of people

Friday nights are great because there’s no work the next day but that also means that it is venues and restaurants busiest night and therefore the most expensive night to host an event. Alternatively, interrupting your staff’s weekend with a Sunday night event may not be welcome either. We suggest a Monday night – people are back to work after the weekend, it helps kick off the week and adds a positive morale boost to the workweek. 

Figure out whether a gift exchange or fundraising is more appropriate for your group

Sometimes it is hard to decide whether your staff would enjoy a staff-wide gift exchange because there is some pressure that comes from not really knowing your fellow teammates, spending money on coworkers, and perhaps a feeling of judgement. Many of these concerns can be dispelled by setting up a White Elephant, anonymous style gift exchange with a set spending limit. However, while planning your staff party, you may feel that a fundraiser is more appropriate for your group. A Holiday party is a wonderful opportunity to encourage your staff to give back to your community. There are great community groups that look for donations to help provide gifts, food, or experiences to those less fortunate. Consider sponsoring a family this Christmas and providing presents, gift cards, and household needs in lieu of a staff gift exchange. 

Design a cost-effective Menu

Our staff can help you design a food and drink menu that is both delicious and cost-effective. Have you thought of having a signature cocktail instead of a full bar rail? It’s a great option for keeping costs low and our expert bartenders have the skills to design something that your staff will love! 

Add an element of competition and fun!

This may surprise you but your staff will love a little competition infused into your holiday party. It allows them to let loose and forget about work for a little while which may be harder for some people than others. Bowling or laser tag is the perfect activity to get your team working together (or against) for a common goal. 

Pro tip: split into teams and encourage costumes for extra fun! Who doesn’t want to spend a night in a grinch vs. who laser tag adventure?

Find your Niagara Holiday Party Venue

Get creative this year and host your staff holiday party at Parkway Social