Easy Birthday Party Ideas for Niagarans

An easy birthday party? It’s possible, you just need to hand over the planning to a third party. The success of that, of course, depends on the venue and the activities available to you.

At Parkway Social we have it all! Bowling, laser tag, and a state-of-the-art arcade, the perfect recipe for an unforgettable party!

That means you won’t have to worry about not having enough activities to make this a birthday to remember. To start your planning off right, let’s take a peek to see what the ultimate birthday party looks like here at Parkway Social:

Getting Started

Planning a birthday party might not be easy, but booking one at Parkway Social is simple. All you have to do is go online and choose the type of party you want to have and we do the rest! Sound too good to be true? We guarantee a fun-filled, non-stop party.

Niagara Birthday Party Ideas

A Bowling Birthday Party

What’s a better party than a bowling party? Start the party off right by seeing who’s the best bowler in the group. Turn 90 minutes into a tournament, playing for fun, or play in groups so the fun never stops! Don’t strike out on being the coolest kid in the classroom AND the best bowler around.

A Laser Tag Birthday party

Afraid of the kids getting bored? Not a problem, we’ve got the solution! Go from the bowling lane to the battlefield to challenge your friends to a game of laser tag. This fun addition to your party will have the kids running around until they get hungry! Don’t dodge this additional package to your birthday party, and join in on the bonus fun that everyone could have.

Birthday Fun at the Arcade

Need a way to end a fun party? Why not end it in the arcade. With a start-up arcade card given to each child, the journey to arcade heaven begins. Pinball, skeeball, you name it, we got it! 

Have Fun

Every birthday party can be fun, but at Parkway Social we strive to keep the energy alive.

Interested in bowling? Laser tag? Arcade games? If you answered yes, then book your child’s birthday party today here at Parkway Social. Why make planning a birthday party harder than it has to be?

For only $25 per guest, you get to choose from three different party packages that best fits the type of birthday party you want to have! Bowling, laser tag, arcade games, pizza, and more!

Book your birthday party by calling Parkway Social at (905) 684-8381 or online on our birthday party registration.