Bowling is the Perfect Office Escape

Many would agree that the key to professional success in any given field starts with a solid foundation: your team. A group, big or small, of hard-working professionals that show up every day with the sole purpose of producing good work, for the ultimate result. In order to foster and reinforce a healthy office environment, team building exercises are crucial for any professional workplace.

What better way to have a little fun while growing with your team than playing a few friendly games of bowling?

Bowling is for Everyone

A team of hardworking professionals may not come with an employee with a hidden bowling talent. However, it may come with a few members that have not slid on bowling shoes since the first time they watched The Big Lebowski. No matter the skill level, bowling is for everyone– despite what the scoreboard reads at the end of the game.

As your team take on the lanes, the friendly and fun atmosphere provided at Parkway Social will provide every bowler with a “no pressure” attitude. A fun, no-judgement environment will significantly assist in building team morale, as employees will become more comfortable around each other. Ultimately, the no pressure and judgement-free bowling games will translate into everyday interactions at the workplace.

Bonding is Encouraged

Although some bowlers at Parkway Social take their games very seriously, the ultimate goal when playing a game should be to have a good time. A stress-free activity like bowling will help all team members take some time away from any high-pressure dilemmas that have taken over their personal headspace. By taking a break as a team, co-workers will be able to get to know each better in a more relaxed environment.

The casual setting at Parkway Lanes will allow co-workers to chat over delicious food, much-needed pints, and perhaps some terrible bowling skills. Getting to know your team outside of the office will ultimately make every coworker more comfortable working with each other when it’s time to get back to the office.

Positive Reinforcement of Teamwork

At Parkway Social, we like to believe that bowling is a team sport. We encourage corporate parties to split their employees into different teams, varying in skill or department, in order to have different types of workers getting to know one another.

Bowling encourages team building as teams provide each other with positive encouragement towards a successful game. Building interpersonal relationships through positivity and encouragement is a skill that is easily transferable to the office, especially when working on team projects.

Book Your Next Team Building Event At Parkway  

As a leader, planning a team-building exercise shouldn’t add more work to your plate. Let us do the heavy lifting with our easy, online booking process. You and your team’s only job is to enjoy an afternoon of team bonding and relaxation with your crew.