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Can Your Fruit This Summer

Can Your Own Fruit This Summer There are so many perks of living in Niagara and one of those is that it’s fruit country! Our bartenders love using seasonal Niagara fruit in Parkway cocktails.  We’ve put together the steps you need to can your own fruit for the coolest garnishes on the block! Your Supplies […]

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Why office events lead to positive changes in the workplace

Sometimes the idea of hosting frequent office events for your staff can feel daunting and frankly, a waste of time and resources. It can feel hard to justify taking staff away from their jobs to participate in activities however there are many benefits of encouraging this type of team event.  Better focus Everyone at some […]

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Holiday parties your staff will love

Seems crazy to be thinking about planning your company holiday party already but it’s actually not! Niagara is a party destination and that means that spaces at your favourite halls, restaurants, or wineries fill up fast (and in advance).  If you’re here because you are considering Parkway Social, know that we have everything you need […]

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