10 Tips to Win at Laser Tag

This thrilling game is always fun, but we all know it’s more fun if you’re the winner! We all have our own strategies to win a game of laser tag, but you can use these 10 tricks to transform those plans into a reality.

What to wear

The ultimate colour to wear to play laser tag is neon. Right? Wrong! We recommend wearing dark clothes as a camouflage technique. This ensures that you won’t be spotted from across the room.

Another tip? Avoid the evidential, “I’m too hot,” or, “I’m too cold,” by dressing in layers. Being the winner can get pretty heated sometimes, so come prepared to strip down to a comfortable temperature.

Learn the layout

You don’t want to be that guy that stays in the corner the entire game. Make it your first mission to learn the layout of the room. Observing the best places to plan your attack will give you an advantage.

Need more tips? We’ve got them! Look for height advantages, finding a position that gives you the ability to look down upon the course gives you great visibility. Sneaking those shots from above to someone trying to hide below will keep them guessing where it came from.

Keeping shooting

Don’t stop shooting! The people you’re playing with are a constant moving target, shoot them at every chance. Whether it’s aiming in the same spot and shooting or finding a position where you can rotate for different angles, just keep shooting.

Don’t forget to move

Your initial thought might be to find a good spot and stay there, rather it is recommended to keep moving! Don’t be sad about giving up your perfect spot, throughout the game you can always go back to it. Other prime spots in the room might advantage you more!

Don’t abuse the rest times

Going 100% in the game can tire you out pretty quickly. Don’t be afraid to utilize the times when you get hit to rest and hydrate. In order to give your full effort in the rest of the game, drink some water, have a break, and recharge!

The perfect target

This may sound odd BUT targeting new players to the game or children will give you what it takes to be a winner! Knowing that they don’t know where the best positions are or where to look will benefit you and your winning potential. So, targeting your younger sibling that you know hasn’t played laser tag before is the first person you want to aim for to start your game off right.

Shooting to get your target

If you really want to win, use your surroundings. The walls and surfaces in your game can be used to bounce shots off of. If you don’t have the perfect angle to hit your target, for instance, they are around the corner – use a wall to get them by surprise.

Thinking ahead can leave your opponent in shock when it comes to cancelling shots. If you know your friend is going to shoot at you, shoot at them in the same place at the same time, and if the timing works out, the shot is cancelled.

Defend yourself

Your instinct is telling you to stand tall and aim high, but we’re telling you to stay low, as low as you can go! This strategy will allow you to aim high but with the added advantage of others not being able to see you.

When moving from spot to spot, consider moving sideways. This technique gives you the advantage of targeting people easier with fewer shots being able to target you.

Staying on the upper levels can give you an advantage. Being aware of the entrances and exits on the upper level can assist you in defending yourself so you’re not caught off-guard.

Sticking together always makes things better

Working as a team can provide you with more opportunities to win. If you get shot, you can call on your team to take down the shooter, allowing for your team to stay on top. The more people, the more firepower!

Laser Tag with Friends and Family

At the end of the day, laser tag is about having fun with friends and family! Yes, the goal is to be the winner and we all love to win, but hopefully, you can achieve this goal a fair way!

Are these tips and tricks making you eager to play? Get your friends and family together to test your new strategy out to see how these tips can put you in the top spot!

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